Natural Dyes Masterclass

with Jordan Maxwell

11AM - 4PM

Join Jordan, SALT Textiles, for a hands-on creative masterclass exploring the world of natural dyes. Inspired by the colours of nature, you will dive into sustainable dyeing techniques that resonate with the beauty of the earth.

You will be guided through simple recipes and techniques, from crafting vibrant dye baths to utilizing food and floral waste for eco-friendly bundle dyeing and the simple joy of solar dyes. You will also learn shibori methods, adding depth and texture to textiles in a way that feels authentic and inspired.

The masterclass includes:

• Fabric Insights: Understanding how to choose the right fabrics for projects.
• Demystifying Mordants: Learning straightforward methods for mordanting (pre-treatment).
• Easy Recipes: Take home step-by-step dye recipe cards for experimentation.
• Dye Bath Creation: Mastering the process of making rich, natural dye baths from wild plants.
• Eco-Friendly Techniques: Discovering ways to repurpose food and floral waste for bundle dyeing and solar dyes.
• Shibori Prints: Exploring techniques to create unique textures in textiles.
• Studio Tips: Insights into setting up a natural dye studio at home (regardless of space).
You will take home:

• Your own botanically dyed scarf to wear.
• A shibori-dyed cotton tote bag.
• A collection of samples to begin their dye library.
• Easy-to-follow recipe cards.

This masterclass is for you if you want to incorporate natural dyeing into your creative work and those seeking a more conscious way to decorate your home and upcycle garments.

Questions can be directed to Jordan at

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