A new online platform to support the local creative economy ✌️


We want to live in a progressive and connected creative community where we feel inspired by the people around us and are supported in creating work that we are truly proud of.


The reason our cities have always been magnets for artists is because we feel inspired, connected and supported within those communities. A large part of that sense of energy is generated by the many art organisations, music venues and localised provisions which drive and enable some of the best creative output in the world.


There are so many incredible creatives living and working in this part of the South West but we are constantly approached in lieu of missing provisions which are needed to help support this rapidly growing creative community. In response, we are building an online network of local artists, designers, writers, musicians, film makers, creative studios, art organisations and clients who share our aspirations for a more connected and empowering creative network.

The platform is based on a simple £25 annual subscription which gives members full access to the Discord community and each of the groups within it. As an independent, artist-run network, this allows us to manage and grow the community and generate sustainable and long-term provisions in the area.

As a collective resource, the network enables members to share job opportunities, commission local creatives, ask advice and share recommendations, promote local events, showcase their work, align and collaborate on local community projects and most importantly, connect with other creatives.

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Join the Network

To join the online network, there are 3 simple steps :

1 - Download Discord

If you don't have it already, download Discord and create a free account. This app is available on both desktop and mobile. Once you have a Discord account, go to the M.Y Network here.

2 - Pay £25 Subscription

To access the network, you need to pay the £25 annual subscription fee. To set up payment and manage your subscription, use this payment link on Whop.

3 - Connect Your Subscription

Once you have paid, click on the 'Claim Discord Access' button, then click on ‘Connect Discord’, then click ‘Authorize’, and finally, click ‘Claim Access’. You will then be redirected back to Discord. Once you're back on the Discord app, you can now access the M.Y Network by clicking on our green icon on the left hand side.

If you run into any issues with setting up, there is further help here or via chat on the Whop website. Alternatively, give us a shout and we can help you with any troubleshooting.

Makers' Yard
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