Ice Cream Making

with Hoolee's


Participants will enjoy a summer day learning how to make ice cream at home, engaging in a delightful family activity led by Julia Perrella, also known as Hoolee’s, an experienced pastry chef and ice cream maker based in Frome.

Julia will guide the class through an old-fashioned and super tasty ice cream-making method that is both fun and easy to do at home. There will be a brief and interesting overview of the history of ice cream and the various techniques used over the years.

This activity is a fantastic way to introduce children to the art of making one of our all-time favourite treats!

In the first part of the class, attendees will create seasonal fruity flavours as well as creamy dairy varieties using fresh cream and milk from local dairy farms.

After preparing and serving the ice cream, along with adding homemade toppings, everyone will get to enjoy their delicious creations together.

Since strong arms are needed to shake the mixture, one adult per child is required. If participants are bringing more than one child, please send a message to arrange accommodations accordingly. 

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