AAI Exhibition

We Are Seventeen


We Are Seventeen presents a one night visual art exhibition exploring the rise of generative AI and what it means for creatives in the future. 

Artist Statement

Aesthetic AI is a fictional tech company dreamed up by chatGPT; a cultural mega corporation with a monopoly on creative industries. It's also a project that aims to explore the role of designers in a new landscape dominated by the rapid rise of generative AI. 

So what does the future look like for creatives?

There's a concept within generative AI called 'model collapse' which may offer insights. It states that AI content will begin to saturate the learning pool for subsequent generations of AI models. Without 'access to genuine, human generated content' models will start to collapse, become repetitive or even deranged. 

Using the idea of Aesthetic AI as a blueprint, where artists become the middle, human element for generative ai to design around, we created a photographic body of work. Based around the prompt texture this was to become an experimental dataset to train a generative ai model. 

We are presenting that models output as both a research project into the possibilities and realities of using generative AI as a tool and to highlight that our engagement with this technology needs to be more than a skin deep reaction.

The audio by Simon Pyke (aka Freefarm) that experiments with deepfake voices and AI audio textures juxtaposed with analog synthesisers further emphasises how we need to make sure this technology works for us and not the other way round.